Bumper Boats

Image: Bumper Boats
Type: Fitness link=Fitness
Description: Bump your opponents out of the ring!

Bump your opponent out of the ring! Choose from twelve different characters, and play in tournament, free-for-all, or one-on-one mode.

There are 4 kinds of tournaments.

  1. Player Vs. Player
  2. 1 Player Tournament
  3. 1 Player Free-For-All
  4. 2 Player Free-For-All

Once you choose your tournament type, you then select the character you would like to be. Most players prefer Sylvie as she has a significant advantage over the other characters. To use Sylvie, on the Character Select screen, wait about a minute, and she will pop up. Your challenge is to knock your opponents out of the ring, being the last one left. Green, orange, and red power up Cheerios appeer every so often and give you a greater advantage over your opponent. They also give you points so it is best to collect as many as you can.