Colhurst House

Welcome to Colhurst House, which was once home to the great explorer Cecil George Colhurst! Feel free to look at all the rare and beautiful antiques that are on display around his house. If you'd like to visit the Colhurst Tunnels and go on your very own archaeological dig, simply purchase a dig ticket from Ms. Daniella Rodriguez, the caretaker of Colhurst House. Be sure to bring your shovel—treasure awaits!

We encourage you to read the rules and tips that we've posted on the wall. They are sure to help you get the most out of your visit!

Rules & Tips Edit

Colhurst RulesEdit

  1. Entry requires a dig ticket. These can be purchased at the counter. If you leave the tunnels, you must use another ticket to enter again. Remember, don't leave your ticket at home!
  2. Entry requires some kind of shovel. Shovels can be purchased at Peterson's Hardware Emporium. If you have many tools for digging, we'll assume you'll want to use the most appropriate one. Remember, don't leave your shovel at home!
  3. All participants must be in good health to enter the tunnels. A healthy body is more important than any treasure, so take care of yourself first! The healthier you are, the more you can dig.
  4. Digging for treasure is hard work. Once you become too fatigued, you are required to leave the tunnels. A balanced diet and sound sleep are key to regaining your energy.
  5. During your daily visit, you may dig in as many places as you wish, except in sites marked with a "Dig Site Reserved" sign.
  6. During your daily visit, you may continue to dig for treasure even after you find something, so long as you are not too fatigued to continue.

Digging TipsEdit

  • According to Cecil Colhurst's diary, more valuable artifacts are buried deeper.
  • Make sure you have the right tool for the right job. It will make digging easier.
  • When it comes to treasure hunting, a sharp mind is as important as a healthy body.
  • Digging one deep hole requires more energy than digging many shallow holes.
  • If you conserve your energy when digging, you can recover more quickly and dig more often. If you dig until you're exhausted, it will take much longer to fully recover, and you'll dig less often.
  • Treasure hunting requires patience and perseverance. Even Cecil Colhurst spent years looking for treasure, so don't expect to build your collection overnight!