Honey Nut Cheerios®: Save the Honey

Image: Honey Nut Cheerios®: Save the Honey
Type: Reward link=Reward
Description: Want to be a proud owner of the rare "Buzz Honey Saver Trophy"? Bask in sweet glory when you help Buzz keep the honey away from the evil pirate Yellow Jack. Use your HoneySaver to lasso and rescue the golden honey for Honey Nut Cheerios® cereal and make the world, and your trophy collection, a sweeter place!

Honey Nut Cheerios®: Save the Honey is a game that can be played in the arcade and you have to pass 3 levels to complete it. If you are to finish all three levels perfectly, then you will get a trophy for the game. The game is purely a reflex game, involving clicking at the right time to set the direction, and then to set the power, when throwing a lasoo at honey floating in the water. If the honey is lasooed, then you get points, if it is a miss, then you lose points. for each level you get 4 throws of the lasoo, in the first and second levels, there are only 3 honey pots, but on the third level there are 4 honey pots, which means you can't miss one. Hopefully you will get to the honey before the evil pirate!