Peabody Park

Named after Mrs. Emily Peabody, the park's founder, Peabody Park is a vast green patch in the middle of the city.

In the summertime, the park holds all kinds of events. Twilight movies is one of the most popular, with families showing up with picnic baskets and blankets to watch great oldies on a portable silver screen. There is also the skate park, you could grab a pick-up game of basketball, or sail on the lake.

It's currently fishing season, so grab your pole, some bait, and a good friend, and relax on the lakeshore. Be sure to get there early; the shady spots are taken pretty quickly once school is out for the day. Rumor has it that really large fish have been spotted this year, so if your fisherman skills are on par, you may pull in a big one!

The Millsberry Summer Games are held every fall with kids and adults alike participating in makeshift events thrown together by the park staff. Nobody knows what kind of competitions they'll make up next!

During the winter, there's ice skating and hockey games on the lake. Then, in spring, it's baseball on the park diamond. There's always something going on in Peabody Park, no matter what the season!

Park rangers spend their days making sure the Park always looks its best, and they're always looking for volunteers to help them out. Will you give them a hand?

If you wait about a minute a rainbow will appear.

Peabody Park Rainbow