Peabody Park Half-Pipe Competition

Image: Peabody Park Half-Pipe Competition
Type: Fitness link=Fitness
Score For Trophy: 4,651
Description: Peabody Park Half-Pipe Competition!

Join in the excitement of Peabody Park's thrilling Half Pipe Competition! Try out a few moves in practice mode, then earn points by moving on to competition mode. After selecting your skater, read through the basics before pressing any key to enter the "Half Pipe." Gain speed by pressing the down arrow as you move back and forth on the half pipe, then jump off the ramp to do tricks while in midair. EXPERIMENTING WITH DIFFERENT KEY COMBINATIONS WILL HELP YOU TO INCREASE THE VARIETY OF YOUR MOVES. Be careful, though. You could fall off your board, losing valuable time! If you can manage to put together an epic performance on all three levels, then you'll win the competition!

You need Skate gear and a skateboard which can be bought here.