Image: Solver
Type: Intelligence link=Intelligence
Score For Trophy: 443
Description: Mrs. Seashore's favorite spelling game is called "Solver." How many words can you find?

Mrs. Seashore's spelling bee team always practices with her favorite game. A game called SOLVER! In this game, word clues are coded and you must help decode them. Each six-letter code has been scrambled. Discover as many words as possible that can be made from those letters within a two minute time limit (getting the original six-letter word will give you the highest points!)

You can select a letter by either clicking it with your mouse, or by entering the letter with your keyboard. Use the Space Bar to re-scramble the letters, Tab to clear the answer, Backspace to clear the last letter, and Enter to submit your answer. Failing to solve enough words in a given round will end gameplay.