Wave Blaster

Image: Wave Blaster
Type: Reward link=Reward
Description: Collect power-ups to increase your blast power, to restore your shield and to increase your speed. Avoid or blast challengers. Getting rid of all challengers in a group rewards bonus points.

Sylvie is an inquisitive creature who likes to know what's going on in her lake. She enjoys exploring her home by swimming from shore to shore, but there are plenty of obstacles in Sylvane Lake for her to watch out for! You can control Sylvie's direction using the arrow keys. Hit the space bar to make Sylvie shoot powerful waves of water. Click the S key to create a Super Blast. Collect power-ups to increase blast power, shield, and speed. Avoid or blast any challengers that block Sylvie's path. Getting rid of all the challengers in a group earns bonus points.