Take Weekly Poll
The weekly poll is a poll Millsberry holds. It is changed once a week, usually on Thursdays with the Millsberry Gazette, to include a new topic and options to choose from. After you submit your vote, you are awarded with 500 Millsbucks for participating in it.

Weekly Poll CheatEdit

This no longer works and is just for historical reference.

First, to do this Cheat, you must download Mozilla Firefox which can downloaded here. You can also do it with Internet Explorer by clicking "Stop" before the page finishes loading.

  1. Go to Millsberry or click here.
  2. Log in if you are not logged in already.
  3. Click on the "TAKE THIS WEEK'S POLL NOW! >>" image or click here.
  4. Click on the poll option of your liking. If you are using Firefox, click as fast and as much as you can on the poll choice. This will result in you getting 500 Millsbucks for each click you made. Some users used an auto-clicker to do this that way they could have it click the choice for them without having to be at the computer. This process was often done overnight while they were sleeping. This resulted in millions and millions of Millsbucks coming into the game.
  5. Finally clear the private data. (NOTE: Check "cookies" if it hasn't been checked already.) You will have to login again but you will be able to repeat the process as many times as you would like.

The end result is an endless supply of Millsbucks.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Beware, there is a glitch that when somebody besides you goes to your home, the civics bar could exceed 100%.